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One of the popular topics of interest is about obtaining a Colorado concealed weapons permit. Colorado does not accept non-resident permits (e.g. if you are a resident of Colorado, you may not legally carry a concealed weapon using a Utah permit), so if you live in or have moved to Colorado, you would be required to obtain a Colorado permit.

Common questions:
(accurate at the time of writing, but subject to change)

What steps are required to obtain a permit?

Colorado requires that you
  • Fill out an application
  • Provide proof of residency, documented evidence of competence with a handgun (basically a course by a certified instructor satisfies this, as well as some other activities), fingerprints, and a photograph (in La Plata county, the last two are obtained at the Sheriff's office)
  • Pay $52.50 (cashier's check or money order) payable to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (for a background check)
  • Pay a processing fee to the sheriff's office processing the application (La Plata county is currently charging $60

Where can I find a course required to obtain a permit?

Courses are regularly available through club members (check the most recent club Newsletter for course information). Additionally, the La Plata County Sheriff's office maintains a listing of certified instructors on their site.

Where can I not carry a firearm with a valid permit?

  • anywhere prohibited by federal law
  • onto the real property or any improvements of a public elementary, middle, junior high, or high school
  • public buildings where security personnel and electronic screening devices are permanently in place
  • where a private property owner, tenant, employer, or business disallow it

What other states accept a Colorado permit when visiting their state?

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation maintains this list at their site about reciprocity

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